Otago MS Society News Feed http://www.msotago.org.nz Otago MS Society Current constitution aded to web sitehttp://www.msotago.org.nz/news/91/Current-constitution-aded-to-web-siteThe current Otago society constituion has been added to the web site and is downloadable as a PDF under resources.&nbsp;1513162800http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/91/Current-constitution-aded-to-web-sitehttp://www.msotago.org.nzCurrent constitution aded to web sitehttp://www.msotago.org.nz/news/91/Current-constitution-aded-to-web-site Call in Dayhttp://www.msotago.org.nz/news/83/Call-in-DayHi all, Just to let you all know that our call in day has changed from Fridays to Tuesdays, as both Valerie and Serena&nbsp; are in the office on this day.<br /> &nbsp;1512817200http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/83/Call-in-Dayhttp://www.msotago.org.nzCall in Dayhttp://www.msotago.org.nz/news/83/Call-in-Day New E Newsletter available now!!!http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/90/New-E-Newsletter-available-nowBecome a Paid Member and receive our electronic Newsletter, E-Momentum :)1512471600http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/90/New-E-Newsletter-available-nowhttp://www.msotago.org.nzNew E Newsletter available now!!!http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/90/New-E-Newsletter-available-now ROOM HIRE AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC for functions or Training http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/88/ROOM-HIRE-AVAILABLE-TO-THE-PUBLIC-for-functions-or-Training<br /> <strong><u>ROOM HIRE AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC</u></strong><br /> The Day Room which is located at 8 Baker Street, Caversham, DUNEDIN is available to hire for your next board meeting, training session, group meetings, or function. This versatile inviting room can be set up in a variety of individual needs; seating is currently available for a maximum of 50 people.<br /> Our venue is completely wheelchair friendly including the ablution area which also has a disabled friendly shower unit. Our heat pumps provide a warm and inviting atmosphere on cold days, and on hot days our sliding windows provide some much needed cooler airflow. Our premise is located in a quiet suburban neighbourhood, near main bus routes, street parking, and off street parking is also available.<br /> Bookings are available during some weekdays, most weekends and evenings. Should you wish to view our venue please contact Serena on (03) 4555 894 or <a href="mailto:serena.cox@msotago.org.nz">serena.cox@msotago.org.nz</a> to arrange a time to visit.<br /> The hiring fee contributes towards the continued work of the Otago Multiple Sclerosis Society in the community.<br /> &nbsp;1510225200http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/88/ROOM-HIRE-AVAILABLE-TO-THE-PUBLIC-for-functions-or-Traininghttp://www.msotago.org.nzROOM HIRE AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC for functions or Training http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/88/ROOM-HIRE-AVAILABLE-TO-THE-PUBLIC-for-functions-or-Training VOLUNTEERS NEEDEDhttp://www.msotago.org.nz/news/67/VOLUNTEERS-NEEDED<br /> Given some recent changes at the Society we are looking for volunteers to assist with our Tuesday Social Group, particularly with our members who are in a motorised wheelchair that attends each week.<br /> <br /> The volunteer will need to assist with refreshments and the lunch meal (at times). There will also be time spent engaging &nbsp;playing games (if needed), whilst at the same time engaging with all our other regular members attending.<br /> <br /> This volunteer will be working alongside our current staff, the time required each Tuesday is approximately 3 hours, we will provide morning tea and lunch for you.<br /> <br /> If this sounds like you or somebody that you know and you have a couple of hours to spare, please do not hesitate to contact the office on (03) 4555 894 discuss further.<br /> <br /> We look forward to hearing from you.<br /> <br /> <br /> &nbsp;1488279600http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/67/VOLUNTEERS-NEEDEDhttp://www.msotago.org.nz1130VOLUNTEERS NEEDEDhttp://www.msotago.org.nz/news/67/VOLUNTEERS-NEEDED OUR AMAZING OP SHOP has been open a YEAR!!!!http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/81/OUR-AMAZING-OP-SHOP-has-been-open-a-YEARHi all,<br /> The Otago Multiple Sclerosis OP shop has been running a year!<br /> <br /> Come down and have a look and grab a bargain from all the items we have had generously donated.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> It is situated at 603 Hillside Rd, Caversham.<br /> <br /> <strong>Sharon WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU THERE!<br /> <br /> REUSE RECYCLE REINVENT Save the planet.&nbsp; &nbsp; Phone Sharon on 03) 455 0564</strong> <h3>&nbsp;</h3> <br /> Good quality items are always welcome and can be either dropped at the shop or alternatively at the Society in Baker St.1475665200http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/81/OUR-AMAZING-OP-SHOP-has-been-open-a-YEARhttp://www.msotago.org.nzOUR AMAZING OP SHOP has been open a YEAR!!!!http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/81/OUR-AMAZING-OP-SHOP-has-been-open-a-YEAR Official Launch of the New Zealand Multiple Sclerosis Research Trust http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/79/Official-Launch-of-the-New-Zealand-Multiple-Sclerosis-Research-Trust<p>The New Zealand Multiple Sclerosis Research Trust (&ldquo;NZMSRT&rdquo;) today announces it has received a combined $900,000 investment portfolio as founding capital for the Trust.</p> <p>A $600,000 portfolio has been transferred from the Multiple Sclerosis Society of New Zealand and a $300,000 portfolio from the Multiple Sclerosis Auckland Region Trust. The Research Trust has been established to stimulate, co-ordinate and support New Zealand-based research into the cause, prevention, treatment, alleviation and cure of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and to obtain and disseminate research findings.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;Please read the full article at: <a href="https://www.msnz.org.nz/Page.aspx?pid=611" onclick="window.open(this.href, '', 'resizable=no,status=no,location=no,toolbar=no,menubar=no,fullscreen=yes,scrollbars=no,dependent=no'); return false;">http://www.msnz.org.nz/Page.aspx?pid=611</a></p>1466424000http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/79/Official-Launch-of-the-New-Zealand-Multiple-Sclerosis-Research-Trusthttp://www.msotago.org.nzOfficial Launch of the New Zealand Multiple Sclerosis Research Trust http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/79/Official-Launch-of-the-New-Zealand-Multiple-Sclerosis-Research-Trust TOILET PAPER SALES GOING FASThttp://www.msotago.org.nz/news/49/TOILET-PAPER-SALES-GOING-FASTThank you to all of those those who have already purchased some toilet paper. Stock supplies of&nbsp;toilet paper are literally walking out the door!&nbsp; Be in quick and order yours now.&nbsp; For sale - $20.00 for 45 rolls. <br /> <br /> Contact the MS&nbsp;Otago office on <span class="skype_c2c_print_container notranslate">(03) 4555 894 </span>to arrange a time to collect yours.<br /> <br /> <br /> Part of the Otago Multiple Sclerosis Society Fundraising Programme.<br /> <br /> <div class="skype_c2c_menu_container notranslate" id="skype_c2c_menu_container" style="display: none;" onmouseover="SkypeClick2Call.MenuInjectionHandler.showMenu(this, event)" onmouseout="SkypeClick2Call.MenuInjectionHandler.hideMenu(this, event)" data-fp="{37FB7F1D-0EA2-423A-8BA6-DC0CE201AF2D}" data-murl="https://pipe.skype.com/Client/2.0/" data-p2murl="https://c2c-p2m-secure.skype.com/p2m/v1/push" data-uiid="1" data-uilang="en"> <div class="skype_c2c_menu_click2call"><a class="skype_c2c_menu_click2call_action" id="skype_c2c_menu_click2call_action" target="_self">Call</a></div> <div class="skype_c2c_menu_click2sms"><a class="skype_c2c_menu_click2sms_action" id="skype_c2c_menu_click2sms_action" target="_self">Send SMS</a></div> <div class="skype_c2c_menu_push_to_mobile"><a class="skype_c2c_menu_push_to_mobile_action" id="skype_c2c_menu_push_to_mobile_action" target="_blank">Call from mobile</a></div> <div class="skype_c2c_menu_add2skype"><a class="skype_c2c_menu_add2skype_text" id="skype_c2c_menu_add2skype_text" target="_self">Add to Skype</a></div> <div class="skype_c2c_menu_toll_info"><span class="skype_c2c_menu_toll_callcredit">You'll need Skype Credit</span><span class="skype_c2c_menu_toll_free">Free via Skype</span></div> </div>1456743600http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/49/TOILET-PAPER-SALES-GOING-FASThttp://www.msotago.org.nz/images/784/medium/imagesCAJMXHEP.jpgTOILET PAPER SALES GOING FASThttp://www.msotago.org.nz/news/49/TOILET-PAPER-SALES-GOING-FAST