Otago MS Society News Feed http://www.msotago.org.nz Otago MS Society Otago Multiple Sclerosis Society Wobbly Art 2017http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/85/Otago-Multiple-Sclerosis-Society-Wobbly-Art-2017We are once again celebrating our amazing artists and showing at the community art gallery on the 3rd of July to the 13th of July.&nbsp; All welcome.&nbsp;1498996800http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/85/Otago-Multiple-Sclerosis-Society-Wobbly-Art-2017http://www.msotago.org.nz1134Otago Multiple Sclerosis Society Wobbly Art 2017http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/85/Otago-Multiple-Sclerosis-Society-Wobbly-Art-2017 VOLUNTEERS NEEDEDhttp://www.msotago.org.nz/news/67/VOLUNTEERS-NEEDED<br /> Given some recent changes at the Society we are looking for volunteers to assist with our Tuesday Social Group, particularly with our members who are in a motorised wheelchair that attends each week.<br /> <br /> The volunteer will need to assist with refreshments and the lunch meal (at times). There will also be time spent engaging &nbsp;playing games (if needed), whilst at the same time engaging with all our other regular members attending.<br /> <br /> This volunteer will be working alongside our current staff, the time required each Tuesday is approximately 3 hours, we will provide morning tea and lunch for you.<br /> <br /> If this sounds like you or somebody that you know and you have a couple of hours to spare, please do not hesitate to contact the office on (03) 4555 894 discuss further.<br /> <br /> We look forward to hearing from you.<br /> <br /> <br /> &nbsp;1488279600http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/67/VOLUNTEERS-NEEDEDhttp://www.msotago.org.nz1130VOLUNTEERS NEEDEDhttp://www.msotago.org.nz/news/67/VOLUNTEERS-NEEDED Otago Multiple Sclerosis Society AGMhttp://www.msotago.org.nz/news/84/Otago-Multiple-Sclerosis-Society-AGMWhen: Saturday 11th March 2017<br /> Time: 2.00 pm<br /> Where: 8 Baker Street, Caversham, DUNEDIN<br /> <br /> Please support the Society by attending this event1487156400http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/84/Otago-Multiple-Sclerosis-Society-AGMhttp://www.msotago.org.nzOtago Multiple Sclerosis Society AGMhttp://www.msotago.org.nz/news/84/Otago-Multiple-Sclerosis-Society-AGM Call in Dayhttp://www.msotago.org.nz/news/83/Call-in-DayHi all, Just to let you all know that our call in day has changed from Fridays to Tuesdays, as both Maree and I are in the office on this day.<br /> &nbsp;1477566000http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/83/Call-in-Dayhttp://www.msotago.org.nzCall in Dayhttp://www.msotago.org.nz/news/83/Call-in-Day http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/82/-Volunteers-needed-for-local-research-study-Physical-activity-for-people-with-multiple-sclerosis-living-in-rural-settingsIn this research, we wish to investigate if interventions to increase physical activity are acceptable and beneficial to people with multiple sclerosis living in a rural area. The interventions will be delivered by a physiotherapist at the person&rsquo;s home &nbsp;(face-to-face AND on-line). The intervention lasts for 24 weeks. Following the intervention, we will measure physical activity participation, general health, and wellbeing at five different intervals over &nbsp;a one year period. To be eligible for this study: We are seeking adults with MS, who live rurally in Otago, Central Otago, and Southland. Volunteers will have to have internet access and basic computer skills (or have somebody that lives with them who can help them operate a computer).<br /> For more information please go to the link:&nbsp;<a href="http://www.otago.ac.nz/ms-rural-exercise">www.otago.ac.nz/ms-rural-exercise</a><br /> <br /> Alternatively&nbsp;Please contact the Clinical Research Administrator at the School of Physiotherapy Email: <a href="mailto:clinicalresearch.physio@otago.ac.nz">clinicalresearch.physio@otago.ac.nz</a><br /> &nbsp;<br /> Or: &nbsp;Dr Cath Smith (project leader) Email: on <a href="mailto:cath.smith@otago.ac.nz">cath.smith@otago.ac.nz</a>. Tel 479 7473<br /> &nbsp;1476183600http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/82/-Volunteers-needed-for-local-research-study-Physical-activity-for-people-with-multiple-sclerosis-living-in-rural-settingshttp://www.msotago.org.nzhttp://www.msotago.org.nz/news/82/-Volunteers-needed-for-local-research-study-Physical-activity-for-people-with-multiple-sclerosis-living-in-rural-settings OUR OP SHOP HAS OPENED!!!http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/81/OUR-OP-SHOP-HAS-OPENEDHi all,<br /> The Otago Multiple Sclerosis OP shop has opened!<br /> <br /> Come down and have a look and grab a bargain from all the items we have had generously donated.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> It is situated at 603 Hillside Rd, Caversham.<br /> <br /> WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU THERE!<br /> <br /> Good quality items are always welcome and can be either dropped at the shop or alternatively at the Society in Baker St.1475665200http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/81/OUR-OP-SHOP-HAS-OPENEDhttp://www.msotago.org.nzOUR OP SHOP HAS OPENED!!!http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/81/OUR-OP-SHOP-HAS-OPENED Official Launch of the New Zealand Multiple Sclerosis Research Trust http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/79/Official-Launch-of-the-New-Zealand-Multiple-Sclerosis-Research-Trust<p>The New Zealand Multiple Sclerosis Research Trust (&ldquo;NZMSRT&rdquo;) today announces it has received a combined $900,000 investment portfolio as founding capital for the Trust.</p> <p>A $600,000 portfolio has been transferred from the Multiple Sclerosis Society of New Zealand and a $300,000 portfolio from the Multiple Sclerosis Auckland Region Trust. The Research Trust has been established to stimulate, co-ordinate and support New Zealand-based research into the cause, prevention, treatment, alleviation and cure of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and to obtain and disseminate research findings.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;Please read the full article at: <a href="https://www.msnz.org.nz/Page.aspx?pid=611" onclick="window.open(this.href, '', 'resizable=no,status=no,location=no,toolbar=no,menubar=no,fullscreen=yes,scrollbars=no,dependent=no'); return false;">http://www.msnz.org.nz/Page.aspx?pid=611</a></p>1466424000http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/79/Official-Launch-of-the-New-Zealand-Multiple-Sclerosis-Research-Trusthttp://www.msotago.org.nzOfficial Launch of the New Zealand Multiple Sclerosis Research Trust http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/79/Official-Launch-of-the-New-Zealand-Multiple-Sclerosis-Research-Trust Promising breakthrough for MS sufferershttp://www.msotago.org.nz/news/80/Promising-breakthrough-for-MS-sufferers<p>New hope is on the horizon for sufferers of multiple sclerosis.<br /> &nbsp;</p> <p>A researcher at Wellington&#39;s Victoria University is leading a trial testing two commonly used antipsychotic medications in secondary progressive MS.<br /> &nbsp;</p> <p>One-third of MS sufferers are affected by the form of the disease, for which there is no effective treatment. It can cause significant life-long disability.<br /> &nbsp;</p> <p>The trial, under way at Wellington Regional Hospital, is recruiting for participants, said its leader, Victoria University immunologist Professor Anne La Flamme.<br /> &nbsp;</p> <p>&quot;The majority of agents used to treat the most common form of MS - relapsing remitting MS - were originally used for something else, like viral infections and leukaemia.<br /> &nbsp;</p> <p>&quot;We&#39;re looking at two medications, clozapine and risperidone, designed to treat a variety of health disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and autism.<br /> &nbsp;</p> <p>&quot;Clozapine and risperidone have always been targeted to mental illness, but our studies show they&#39;re able to tone down the immune system in the brain, which is what causes MS.<br /> &nbsp;</p> <p>&quot;This anti-inflammatory action is promising.&quot;<br /> &nbsp;</p> <p>Prof La Flamme is working with neurologist Dr David Abernethy, from Capital &amp; Coast District Health Board, and Associate Professor Bronwen Connor, from the University of Auckland.<br /> &nbsp;</p> <p>&quot;The trial will be randomised, blinded and placebo-controlled, to closely monitor any potential adverse effects from the drugs, as well as measure any changes to MS disease,&quot; she said.</p>1466424000http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/80/Promising-breakthrough-for-MS-sufferershttp://www.msotago.org.nzPromising breakthrough for MS sufferershttp://www.msotago.org.nz/news/80/Promising-breakthrough-for-MS-sufferers TOILET PAPER SALES GOING FASThttp://www.msotago.org.nz/news/49/TOILET-PAPER-SALES-GOING-FASTThank you to all of those those who have already purchased some toilet paper. Stock supplies of&nbsp;toilet paper are literally walking out the door!&nbsp; Be in quick and order yours now.&nbsp; For sale - $20.00 for 45 rolls. <br /> <br /> Contact the MS&nbsp;Otago office on <span class="skype_c2c_print_container notranslate">(03) 4555 894 </span>to arrange a time to collect yours.<br /> <br /> <br /> Part of the Otago Multiple Sclerosis Society Fundraising Programme.<br /> <br /> <div class="skype_c2c_menu_container notranslate" id="skype_c2c_menu_container" style="display: none;" onmouseover="SkypeClick2Call.MenuInjectionHandler.showMenu(this, event)" onmouseout="SkypeClick2Call.MenuInjectionHandler.hideMenu(this, event)" data-fp="{37FB7F1D-0EA2-423A-8BA6-DC0CE201AF2D}" data-murl="https://pipe.skype.com/Client/2.0/" data-p2murl="https://c2c-p2m-secure.skype.com/p2m/v1/push" data-uiid="1" data-uilang="en"> <div class="skype_c2c_menu_click2call"><a class="skype_c2c_menu_click2call_action" id="skype_c2c_menu_click2call_action" target="_self">Call</a></div> <div class="skype_c2c_menu_click2sms"><a class="skype_c2c_menu_click2sms_action" id="skype_c2c_menu_click2sms_action" target="_self">Send SMS</a></div> <div class="skype_c2c_menu_push_to_mobile"><a class="skype_c2c_menu_push_to_mobile_action" id="skype_c2c_menu_push_to_mobile_action" target="_blank">Call from mobile</a></div> <div class="skype_c2c_menu_add2skype"><a class="skype_c2c_menu_add2skype_text" id="skype_c2c_menu_add2skype_text" target="_self">Add to Skype</a></div> <div class="skype_c2c_menu_toll_info"><span class="skype_c2c_menu_toll_callcredit">You'll need Skype Credit</span><span class="skype_c2c_menu_toll_free">Free via Skype</span></div> </div>1456743600http://www.msotago.org.nz/news/49/TOILET-PAPER-SALES-GOING-FASThttp://www.msotago.org.nz/images/784/medium/imagesCAJMXHEP.jpgTOILET PAPER SALES GOING FASThttp://www.msotago.org.nz/news/49/TOILET-PAPER-SALES-GOING-FAST